About Me

Hi! My name is Bailee.

Before I made the switch from traditional to 3D art, I would have vivid dreams about landscapes with the most beautiful colors and atmosphere. I remember thinking to myself, “I need to remember this dream so that I can recreate it in when I wake up.” Becoming a technical artist gave me the opportunity to quickly create simulated worlds teeming with life, in a much more interactive way than ever before. Learning about all of the possibilities of art creation in the 3D space also gave me a sort of God complex which rectified my personal need for control in some aspect of my life.

As a character rigger, I get to decide how my creations will move and deform. As a procedural artist, I can generate worlds for my characters, and modify them quickly and efficiently. As a technical animator, I can give my characters life and personality. In every aspect of my art, I want to create life where none was found before.

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